Alma Care

Alma Care is a comprehensive kit designed to enhance your Alma experience: maximizing marketing efforts, increasing customer awareness and profitability.

An all-encompassing marketing package to help our partners maximize marketing efforts and increase customer awareness & profitability.

Alma Care is designed to promote Alma Lasers’ leading brands through four major pillars:

  • Clinical Training:
    Professional training at one of the international clinical centers operated by Alma Lasers’ representatives.
    With Alma Care, any representative from your clinic is sent to attend professional training at one of the international clinical centers operating in Italy, Thailand or Dubai. All training expenses are taken care of by Alma, not including airfare and accommodation costs.
    Learning from the best makes you better.
  • Attainability:
    Convenient and flexible financing plans, making Alma Lasers’ platforms more accessible
    to the clients’ financial capabilities.
    We understand that running a business requires financial flexibility for growth. With Alma Care, you can benefit from a convenient purchasing plan, making Alma platforms more attainable for you. This includes a license fee and monthly payment, so that you can manage and leverage you financial capabilities at your pace.
    Purchase your platform – at your pace.
  • Resources:
    Ready-to-use, effective marketing and media resources.
    Reaching your audience is now simple and convenient, with our elaborate marketing tools and tutorials, all prepared for your simple
    customization and adaptations.
  • Extended Warranty:
    longer-coverage warranty programs than standard ones, which meet the needs and preferences
    of each customer.
    You’ve got our back.


Alma Care was first presented at AAD annual meeting in Orlando, March 2017.
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